How to Become a Natural Hair Stylist?

Do you want to know how to become a  Natural Hair Stylist?

Asking yourself?…..Go to cosmetology school for WHAT?

If someone could just answer the FAQ

“How to Become a Natural Hair Stylist?”

You know how to style hair.

But what you DON’T know is how to do is Get Licensed.

How to Become a Natural Hair Stylist course teaches you to :

  1. Brand your Business
  2. Build a Professional Hairstylists Website
  3. Lobby for your License

This natural hair licensing course covers ALL of that.

If I were you I would get Licensed now before deregulation of cosmetology has you going to in-house class for clinical hours.

What you will get with this course is an online training without 300-1500 hours of cosmetology school classwork.

At How to Become a Natural Hair Stylist you can pick your time, place and date to complete 30 hours of online training videos for your Natural Hair License.

The Natural Hair License takes 30 business days after you apply and arrives by

USPS mail.

And yes, this course on How to Become a Natural Hair Stylist is also, called the “Professional Hair Dressers” course so you will have these letters PHD. behind your name of the Certificate of Completion immediately after you pay for the Natural Hair License course.

How to Become a Natural Hair stylist CourseThe How to Become a Natural Hair Stylist Course

My course on How to Become a Natural Hairstylist is ONLY  30 hours and You will receive the Hair Braider Registration in health, safety, and infection control course Completion Certification.

Completion Certification course is 30 minutes and three training videos to get your business up and started immediately.

(Valued at $300)

How to Become a Natural Hair Stylist CourseBusiness Branding

 As a Natural Hair Stylist, you gonna want to stand out from the crowd. In this course, I have a Special Branding Kit for each Natural Hair Stylist with three training videos on branding your business.

We will pick your branding, images, colors, icons and so much more.

(Valued at $147)

How to Become a Natural Hair Stylist courseSocial Media Marketing

As you can tell after finding me on every social media platform that exists. I must know about WordPress, Facebook, Messenger and the list goes on and on, but how does this benefit you?

In this course, you will learn all the Do’s and Don’t as a Natural Hair Stylist and ALL of the mistakes I made when I first started issuing Natural Hair Licenses.

Take it from me this alone is worth your time in marketing and money management.

(Valued at $3000)

IMG_0306.jpgLobbying and Licensing

It’s my job to research, analyze and respond to proposed legislation for the Cosmetology and Natural Hair Licensing industry.

However, with your support and engagement with your federal, state, and local jurisdictions. We will not have a VOICE!

In this course, you learn the steps to affluently prospecting with your customers and political interest in your state.

(Valued at *PRICELESS)

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