Colin, Nike, Police, BLM and The Afro

This latest hijacking and slap in the face from #Colin by selling out the narrative to #Nike.

It is an imposition to every thing #BLM stands for.

Not one time did he say any of the names in his #AFRO!

As a Minnesota Hair Braiding Registration Licensee it is the season for y’all to join us and be the voices that speak for the names Nike left out!

This week in Minnesota Hair Braiding Registration License Course.

I will be discussing the new Nike movement and how it has been hijacked from the real issues that face Natural Hair Stylist.

As a #Minnesota Hair Braiding Registration Licensee you’re in a position to positively motivate your clients.

The hair that adorns you’re beautiful clients can be that same crown that racially profiles them for police brutality.

Pay attention to the NARRATIVE!

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