Natural Hair License Course

Who Am I?

Hi, I’m Denise Jarrett a licensed 3rd generation hairstylist. My GrandFather was a celebrity hairstylist to Nate King Cole, Jackie Wilson, and Ike Turner just to name some of his clients. My mother was the neighborhood “curl lady” in the 80’s and style everyone on my block.

From this magically amazing upbring I have a different perspective on hair. As a licensed hair stylist, I have climbed the cosmetology career from the bottom as an operator top a school manager. But nothing EXCITES me more than the laws and rules of cosmetology. I believe we as an association of Natural Hair Stylists should have the right to establish the policy and policing of Natural Hair Care Licensing. But here is the bulletin released by the Minnesota Board of Cosmetology.

That’s why the deregulation of cosmetology is IMPORTANT to me!

It’s so IMPORTANT that I gave up the harsh chemical life and became a the 1str at the top of the list as a NATURAL HAIR CARE ONLINE SCHOOL! The benefits of natural hair care licensing for the environment and the stylist are AMAZING!

The license is eco-friendly chemical free and you ONLY have a 30 Hour Infection Control Course to complete.

What is a Natural Hair Care License?

Natural Hair Care License is a product of the Institute for Justice and the court ordered lawsuit for Natural Hair Braiders Lilian Anderson and 2  others hence, the creation of  Minnesota Statute 155A.28 Hair Braider Registration.

When can you take the Natural Hair Care Course?

The course can be taken on your phone, via email and text. It’s as simple as pressing the link that I will send you with you Completion Certificate and Natural Hair Care Application.

Where can you take the Natural Hair Care License Course?

You can take the Natural Hair Care License course right here on your SmartPhone, Tablet or your Computer. You will receive your e-Booklet and Completion Certificate right away.

Why should you get a Natural Hair Care License?

You should become a licensed Natural Hair Care Stylist for the safety and socio-economic gains you as an “underground” Natural Hair Care Stylist will have by advocating Congress your positions as a Natural Hair Stylist. In the 2017-2018 Legislative session, there were 2 companion bills in the House of Representatives HF3664 and the Senate SF3656. Thankfully, the governor Mark Dayton vetoed them BOTH.

During the session, the ecoHair Braider Association wrote 4 separate one-pagers to Congress an email over 40 sponsors for the bills.

My primary concerns reach past the health, safety, and sanitation issues in salons and shops it’s MOSTLY about the #RACEEQUITY that is so blatantly being denied to #BlackWomen in light of this new law. Issues around:

  • Unification of Laws across state lines.
  • Reciprocity
  • Godfathering
  • Establishment of the laws an policy
  • Construction of laws.
  • Amendments to Hair Prosthetics and wigs.

How to get your Natural Hair Care License?

Simply click the link below and you will receive a link to the course INSTANTLY!!

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