Why Should Natural Hair Care Stylist be Licensed?

Natural Hair Care providers should be licensed because:

  • Health
  • Safety
  • Sanitation
  • Infection Control
  • Business Planning
  • Business Management
  • Business Marketing
  • Business Taxes
  • Business Evaluation and the list goes on.

However, what I’m here to talk to my #SuperNatural about today is the lack of ambition to maintain and keep going on the Natural Hair Care Road to Freedom as Institute for Justice.

I feel it’s not right that American Descendants of Salves #ADOS has no voice in today current #wave of bills presented in ALL 50 sates to deregulate cosmetology for hair braiding. But the dangers in hair braiding are not discussed and therefore we #BlackWomen are suffering from the abuse at these African Braid Salons, Natural Hair Loc-Technicians and, Natural Hair Barbershops.

We must come together and fight for Not a Seat at The Table…..BUT THE WHOLE DAMN TABLE!

Join me and over 400 Natural Hair Care Licensee on the next Bills to be submitted to Congress this year. I will be writing one-pagers, emailing, tweeting and interviewing as many congress members that are sponsoring bills that will cause hardships to our industry.

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