No! to HF140 Hair Braider Registration REPEAL


#BlackWomen & #ADOS @RenaMoran


To REPEAL but Establish HF140 in MN is set precedents for #NaturalHairCareLicense and #NaturalHair use of #OSHA #NeedleStickAct while doing #SewIn weaves!

Can you tell me who has HIV? HPV? Or any other Blood-Borne Pathogens?

#OSHA and the #NeedleStickAct has a direct set of standards for Sharps.

Thankfully, @RenaMoran is in front of HF140 HairBraiders Registration, so please join us by Twitter,e-mail or phone letting her know:

We want to ESTABLISH a Natural Hair Care Board in Minnesota!

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  1. […] may be the LAST YEAR you can file as a Natural Hair Braider because the Hair Braider Registration HF140 Bill in the 2019 session of […]


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