Natural Hair Braiding, Minnesota and Dred Scott’sq

30-day Natural Hair History Challenge
Intro: Everyday for the next 30 days I will bring you natural hair historical tips one part facts and the other part my opinion.

Starting today with Black wealth and Dred Scott every Sunday a different subject with the same topic.
First, do you know who Dred Scott is?

Okay, I will wait. Better yet I will count to 30. That will give you about 15 seconds because nobody wants to wait that long.
A. Dred was an African American Black man enslaved in American in 1857 the won his, his wife, and their two daughters freedom from his oppressing slave master by the name of Sanford.
This was the beginning of the his-story of our hair problems and Wealth in my opinion.
Because Dred successfully won his freedom and now his slavery value as a black man with a family in 1857 was nearly $10,000 more than some whites this was a problem.
Take the time to think about that time in history when a slave was WORTH gold.
Now fast forward to today when there is a war on your hair and the wealth you acquire when you adorn your head with prestige locks of glory.

The definition of dread in the Cambridge online dictionary.

Dred Scott -vs-dread
noun [ U ] US /dred/
extreme fear or anxiety about something that is going to happen or might happen:
a dread of drowning
verb [ T ] US /dred/
We dreaded hearing the results of the blood tests.

Which brings me to the question of why was dreadlocks changed to lacking is a religion is a Rastafarian three locking religion it is the same as a Jewish mulsit the adorns a Jewish man head. Also, Dread Scott is the first slavery legend in economic freedom as well as a connotative statement such as Dred Monday at something one should hate to do. The decision to hire and fire with discriminatory practices against religion violates the American disabilities act and I believe that the natural hair braiding act shoot reflects that locking is a religion in, therefore; private institutions, public institutions, and even the supreme court should repeal their decision of dreading.

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