Natural Hair Braiding Registration DEMANDS Minnesota Legislators Uphold The Separation of Powers

Dear Minnesota Congress,

To repeal the hair braiding and natural hair care registration would be a reckless disregard for the separation of powers and your legislative responsibilities to all the constituents of Minnesota, as ordered in the ruling of Judge Isabella Gomez.

The BCMN position is ”advocating for health and safety ” as accordingly, the ruling enacted ”individuals and entities that are not parties to the Agreed Order” the ”authorization, review, and approval of” the Board’ adoption of the rules described.”

In fact, the Defendants and all parties agreed to ” have no control, including the Governor of the State of Minnesota, the Office of Revisor of the State of Minnesota, the Minnesota Legislature, and the Office of Administration Hearings, and may also subject to intervening action by the Minnesota Legislature or judicial review.”

Therefore, as a bonafide entity registered by the Minnesota Secretaryof State and as Volunteer Lobbyists with the Minnesota Campaign and Finance we are asking the Minnesota Legislature to:

1.) Recognize with swift amendments to the bill in the best interest of the public health the need for impact research in regards to the ”simple hair devices” mostly concerning the ”needle” the reuse and cross-contamination of blood-borne pathogens during the public service by a Hair Braider utilizing 182.6555 REDUCING OCCUPATIONAL EXPOSURES TO BLOOD-BORNE PATHOGENS THROUGH SHARPS INJURIES. The ”needles” used are regulated  by the ”Sharps” and ”Needle-Stick Act” governed by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

2.) Recommend the ecoHair Braider Association, LLC.  be recognized as the registered Multi-member Agency according to the 15.0599 REGISTRATION OF MULTI-MEMBER AGENCIES. “Subdivision 1.Applicability. For purposes of this section “agency” means: (1) a state board, commission, council, committee, authority,task force,including an advisory task force established under section 15.014 or 15.0593, other multi-member agency, however designated, established by statute or order and having statewide jurisdiction.”

3.)Request the Governor of Minnesota establishes a ”board” according to 15.012 STATE AGENCIES;DESIGNATION BY TYPE law ”A multi-member state agency hereafter created whose membership includes two or more appointed members shall be named according to the following: (a), (ii) the power to issue and revoke licenses or certifications, ” as orders by Judge Isabella Gomez, and agreed to by all parties being Lilian Anderson, Institute for Justice and the Board of Cosmetology and Barbers agreed in 2005.

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