How to get a Hair Braider License in Alaska?

Getting your natural hair braiding license is Alaska will be a task. It has been 98 days pass the 90 day-session and still no vote 🗳 on the current Bill.

Since the state considers Hair #Braiders as Hair Dressers.

I suggest you attend a 35 Hour manicurist course in natural hair braiding certification with a practical or a 35 Hour natural hair braiding online course.

Then apply for reciprocal licensing once Alaska law makers get their act together!

Hair braiding is not explicitly mentioned in Alaskan statutes.

While Alaska’s statutes do not refer to braiding, the state’s Board of Barbers and Hairdressers confirmed that braiders are regulated as hairdressers.

This means braiders are required to pass an exam after taking either 1,650 hours of coursework or 2,000 hours of training as an apprentice.

Click to access untangling-regulations.pdf

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