How to Get our Hair Braiders License in Louisiana?

Strikingly, Louisiana hair braiding and natural hair License is called “alternative hair design” instead of any one of the names above.

Louisiana’s Gov. John Bel Edwards included statements about occupational licensing reform.

He’s listening and watching the video being recorded in real time and he even suggests one of the hair stylists demonstrate hair braiding… oops 😬 “alternative hair designer 👩🏽‍🎨 ” on one of the house committee member.

Below is a video from our buddy Robert Burns of Sound Off Louisiana!, who covered the Senate committee hearing and in fact participated in it – you’ll see Burns dismantle Barrow and the proponents of her bill in a devastating fashion.

The Institute for Justice reports:

Since April 1, 2003, Louisiana has authorized a special permit for “alternative hair design,” which includes hair braiding.

To obtain this permit, an applicant needs at least 500 hours of instruction.

In 2003, six such permits were issued. In 2012, only six new permits were issued while 16 were renewed.

By comparison, in 2013, 1,462 new licenses were issued for cosmetologists, while another 22,237 cosmetologist licenses were renewed.

As previously noted in the report, only five of Louisiana’s 66 cosmetology schools teach the alternative hair design course, as of 2012.

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