Natural Hair Braiding, Minnesota vs Zeno and Reciprocity

Death of the Practice and Jail for today’s Natural Hair History Challenge.

Yes, it is me Dee here at 3 on the 3 with some black history.

Ok in 1899 a man by the name of George Zeno was arrested for barbering in Minnesota.
“Defendant was convicted in the municipal court of Minneapolis for violation of Laws 1897, c. 186, being “An act to regulate the practice of barbering,” etc.; and appealed from an order, Holt, J., denying a motion for a new trial. Affirmed.”
The infamous case of Zeno versus the state of Minnesota in 1899.

Zeno a barber cut 2 white men hair and another white man filed a suit against him.

George Zeno was then locked in jail until the judge ruled on his respiratory case.

Then respa rocity was declared in multi-state registrations, permits, and licenses.

All these occupational licensing regulations would need to become interchangeable across States.

No because of this law hair braiders across all state lines will soon be able to apply for licensure on a federal level.

This is why the cosmetology regimes have deregulated the cosmetology boards to allow licensure for her braids.

You think if relaxers and cosmetologist on buying gallons of relaxer anymore that Revlon, Clairol, and any of the other big-name brand manufacturers are happy.

No, when all of the market of 1 billion dollars has been saturated amongst minority groups Asians, Africans, and anybody else that are immigrants to America.

The Asians Supply her, the Africans sew it in or braid it in, the black Americans sew it in or braids it on, the Asians are doing the nails, the Indian’s are doing the threading all these are great people from different countries embarking on economic success in America.

Thank you

Minnesota State .vs. G.Zeno

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