Natural Hair Braiding SAFETY for the Public & Practitioner

Natural Hair Braiding SAFETY for the Public & Practitioner

Hi, Congress chair, @RenaMoran, and house members.

I’m Denise Jarrett a licensed cosmetologist, manager, instructor, school manager, hair braider course providers, and expert witness.

In 2014, six Hair Braider Course Providers firmed the eco Hair Braider® Association,LLC.  

Currently, there are 350 registered Hair Braiders 156 active, 17-course providers, 2 charter schools and 4 community colleges offering the hair braiding services and curriculum.

Simple Hair Devices- One of the definitions ruled to by Judge Isabel Gomez and as agreed by both parties and Hair Braiding and Hair Braiding Services are “unregulated services” but as Hair Braiders, individuals and entities we authorized, reviewed, and approved the adoption of the rules by the Board of Cosmetology into Chapter 154 and 155A and are asking Congress to amend HF 140.

As in, the approval process the Board of Cosmetology only administers acceptance of the application and its $20 fee. The Board of Cosmetology has “no control over the” Hair Braiders or Hair Braider Course Providers although, Hair Braiders use “simple hair devices’ including a “needle” ruled by MINNESOTA STATUTES 2018 116.76 DEFINITIONS. Subd. 18. Sharps. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that about 385,000 sharps-related injuries occur annually among health care workers in hospitals. Unfortunately, there is no data for exposure to injuries by the Board of Cosmetology or the MN Health Department.

For this reason, the eHBA is asking that the Minnesota Legislators amend bill HF 140 for an informative safety oversight research, analyst, the creation of a Needle-Stick Committee, and a fiscal note for appropriations.

Establishing a management needlestick prevention committee with an equal representation that has the authority and responsibility, especially if, Blood-borne pathogens emitted from scalp poking and finger pricking from  “needle” usage are continued to be allowed in the definition of Hair Braiding and Simple Hair Devices.

The “suture needles” are used to install MINNESOTA STATUTES 62A.28 COVERAGE FOR SCALP HAIR PROSTHESES.commonly known as customized made wigs included in the Hair Braiding definition. The CDC reports device injuries pose a 24% increased risk with suture needles.

Yes, expeditious immediate amending and uniforming this bill will allow reciprocation between 24 states and address the MINNESOTA STATUTES 182.6555 REDUCING OCCUPATIONAL EXPOSURES TO BLOOD-BORNE PATHOGENS THROUGH SHARPS INJURIES. Establishing a  Needlestick Committee provisions to reduce exposure to blood-borne pathogens preventive rules for the safety of the citizens of the state.

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