How-to Become a Natural Hair Stylist

Wondering where can I get a natural hair braid license?

Since the Bill that would eliminate the requirement for natural hair stylists to get license dies in Tennessee.

This natural hair certification online training offers the 30-hour hair braiding license online for Minnesota, Iowa, and pending other states. With this license, you can transfer your license using reciprocity.

Instead of the 300-hour natural hair course offered in class at your cosmetology school in Tennessee, Illinois, and many other states.

Get natural hair braid license today!

Here are 3 examples of what can you do with a braiding license:

1. On the Go mobile hairstylists.

2. Rent a Booth at your local salon.

3. Open a Natural Hair Salon and rent booths.

Rep. Parkinson says now that the bill is dead, it is time to push forward legislation that will protect consumers.

“We need to make sure there is a complaint line visibly posted in every salon, and if we can get the braiding salons online then we will make sure that is posted also,” he said.

The bill would have also combined barbering and cosmetology into one licensed trade.

Something industry experts call ridiculous since they both have very different training standards.

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