🗣Natural Hair Care and Braiding 💉Needle-Stick Act Awareness‼️

Hi #SuperNatural’s
I’m writing the governor on behalf of the ecoHair Braider Association, LLC.
Minnesota Hair Braiding Registration Licensees as a registered Minnesota non-profit that brings awareness to the “needle” usage in the natural hair braiding salon by certifying and educating black women to become registered as a Minnesota 155A.28 Hair Braider.
The Minnesota Hair Braiding Registration Licensees would like the public to participate in supporting registered hair braiders to reduce the possible number of black women who are listed as not knowing how they contracted HIV (unknown) by the Minnesota Health Department and the AidsVu reports.
The Minnesota Hair Braiding Registration Licensees are asking that due to the requirements of ‘Sharps’ being properly disposed and preventing of cross-picking in the OSHA Needle Stick Prevention Act we are as the governor to grant a Natural Hair Braider Sew-In Weave Awareness Committee.

Thanks in advance!

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