Minnesota Natural Hair Care REPEAL meeting at The Senate

Hey #SuperNaturals,

I would like to thank and share Mr. Lovely Lola’s post on Facebook about Natural Hair Braiding Registration REPEAL!

Ms. Lola has done a GREAT testimonial to the Minnesota Congress on behalf of Natural Hair Braiding Registration. Here is her website if you are looking for technical help with Natural Hair Braiding AllBraidsAndHairCare.com

Thanks again Lola!

“Good evening Facebook! Today was my first appearance at the State Sanate Office testifying against exempting hair braiders from cosmetology..but it look like a new laws and rules potentially cost to be put in place..for a new board for hair braiders. Feeling blessed!
Open the link below then tap on the hair braiding exempt from cosmetology.”

Our Position is:

We ask that they establish and consider the Natural HairBraiders multi-member agency that has formed and registers of Hair Braiders.

We are a grassroots movement that’s bringing awareness to Black Women about the “Needle” and blood-borne pathogens cross-transmitted in a salon while doing ”Sew-In Weaves”.

We have the duties as an agency and would like to transfer powers to began drafting policies and rulemaking by us for us as Natural Hair Braiders Registration Providers.

Currently we have 350 Natural Hair Braider registrations and 21 Natural HairBraider course providers.

Then there is over $8,000 in appropriation from Natural Hair Braiders registration and renewals with the Department of Budget and Management.

We would like a new fiscal note on Natural Hair Braiding industry and a committee, at the least.

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