📱The 30th is National Social Media Day!

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Now let’s get down to business 📈 with the repeal of the hair braiding license in Minnesota doesn’t mean 😏 other states will follow.

So I’m offering the 💇‍♀️🏽Hair braiding Infection Control course for FREE!

YOU can get registrations up until August your 🎓COMPLETION CERTIFICATE in your inbox 📨, email 📥, and a text
And they make sure Black women are educated on the proper use of 💉 needles in our shops., salons and spa.

This also applies to Black men because they are using the 💉 as Stylist and to pin up their Locs.

Remember that this course is FREE!

ALL you have to do is sign up to attend this Facebook Live and Join the Group 👥 , and you will receive you COMPLETION CERTIFICATE in your inbox 📨, email 📥, and a text message 💬 from us for FREE!

So, on the 30th of June, we will use social media to hold a ✍️🏾MASS registration on Facebook, and Youtube lives 📲on your phone.

🗣The registration will be provided to all attendees, that reply to this 💬message, 📥email us, 📱call (612)407-2824 or uses the contact form on the website ➡️DeniseJarrett.comthanks.

🗣PS. If you’re Registered as a 💇‍♀️🏽Hair 💈Barber, Braider or Beautician ALREADY it is 🆗 we have something for you as well on National Social Media Day so please attend.

3️⃣Three of you will be the lucky 🍀 WINNER of a 💲6️⃣0️⃣0️⃣Stylist Sells Funnel marketing course with a VIP coaching call.

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