👀Should regulations and the NEED for infection control training be in the National Hair Braiding Act?

To ignore the fact that hair braiding exempts state regulations, but what 😦 about the federal government regulations?

The Centers for Disease Control 🤒 has a workbook that I have used to design, assess and evaluate the salon culture.

🕵🏼‍♀️My findings are the need for training programs for comprehensive infectious diseases blood borne pathogens 🦠 exposure.

👩🏾‍⚖️ The injury’s reduction strategies should 📉address this significant health care educational awareness needed in the Natural Hair Braiding Act, Cosmetology and Barbering Laws.

Why not a new agency for certification because of the cosmetology and health boards are state-funded and failing.

Why not privatization of natural hair?

Like the food industry, 🏭 it was Herman Cain responsible for that.

Podcast 📻 Listen 👂 Here: https://anchor.fm/007BlondeD/episodes/Should-hair-braiding-be-licensed-to-sew-in-weaves-e4houe



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