🧫 #Coronavirus Positive 💇🏽‍♀️#Beautician Spreads #COVID-19 to 40 Beauty Salon Clients

🧫 #Coronavirus Positive 💇🏽‍♀️#Beautician Spreads #COVID-19 to 40 Beauty Salon Clients

Coronavirus scare at Gold Coast beauty salon after beautician tests positive following trip to Iran

40 people who went to a Gold Coast salon and were treated by a beautician who has been diagnosed with coronavirus are being tracked down by the health departments.

She began to feel sick after returning to work in the Shopping center.

The Australian state’s chief health officer, Jeannette Young, said the woman did facial treatments on up to 40 clients, in sessions lasting less than 15 minutes.

Outbreak Workplace Measures.

Only 130 Beijing barbershops were allowed to open by Monday, February 30, 2019, only a tiny fraction of the more than 20,000 that usually operate across the city.

That’s .0065 percent four of the JF Pro Salon’s eight Beijing beauty businesses in the city.

Customers must maintain a distance of no less than 1.5 meters (5ft) between chairs.

You will have to make personal calls to EVERY customer who made reservations on the day of their appointment.

📳Ask if they have a cough or a fever, symptoms of pneumonia caused by the virus that causes 🦠Covid-19?

“Now we try to wash hair faster and cancel unnecessary services so as to cut down on the time with customers,” said Fu Jun, founder of JF Pro Salon.

“We keep the door open every day. Once the customers who made reservations arrive, we will 🧼disinfect their hands and 🚿shoe soles. These are the measures we take to ensure safety.”

40 percent of your employees/booth renters could work others should self-quarantine if they have a weakened immune system.

Sephora Cancels All Beauty Services And Makeovers


Nonpharmaceutical interventions (NPIs) are public health actions that can slow the spread of emerging respiratory diseases like COVID-19 for which vaccines and drug treatments are not yet available.1  They include personal protective measures implemented by individuals and community measures implemented by affected communities.1   NPIs are used to build community preparedness in communities without known COVID-19 disease and to support outbreak responses in communities where local cases or clusters of diseases have occurred.

  • Personal Protective Measures. During an outbreak in your community, CDC recommends the everyday preventive measures listed above—especially 🤧staying home when sick—and taking these additional measures:
    • Keeping away from others who are sick.
    • Limiting face-to-face contact with others as much as possible
    • 👩‍⚕️Consulting with your healthcare provider if you or your household members are at high risk for COVID-19 complications
    • 😷Wearing a facemask if advised to do so by your healthcare provider or by a public health official
    • Staying home when a household member is sick with respiratory disease symptoms if instructed to do so by public health officials or a health care provider (Voluntary Home Quarantine)
  • Community Measures. If COVID-19 disease is occurring in your community, state and local public health authorities may decide to implement:
    • Temporary closures or dismissals of childcare facilities and schools
    • Other social distancing measures that increase the physical space between people, including:
      • Workplace social distancing measures, such as replacing in-person meetings with teleworking
      • Modifying, postponing, or canceling mass gatherings.

Decisions about the implementation of community measures will be made by local and state officials, in consultation with federal officials as appropriate, and based on the scope of the outbreak and the severity of illness.  Implementation will require extensive community engagement and ongoing and transparent public health communications.

Beautician With COVID-19




Coronavirus: China’s Hair Salon




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