COVID-19 Salon/ Shop/ Suite Mobile Response

COVID-19 Salon/ Shop/ Suite 
 Mobile Response

Hey, I’m Denise I’m looking for a hairstylist who has experience in waves, weaves, and wigs.

Salon Owners, Barbershops, Hair Artist, Blow Dryer Bars, Massage Therapist, and Hair Braiders.


Throughout the next 3 days (3:30 pm CST), I’m going to be working with a handful of clients that are looking to create or update the copy on their website.

April 4, 2020

April 5, 2020

April 6, 2020


If you meet the following requirements please comment (including a website or Facebook Business Page)

Your Neo-Essential Business is one of the following:

  • Independent Contractor
  • Booth Renter 
  • Salon Owner
  • Hair braider as a Gig Worker wanting to increase your income by expanding your services. 

To complete some of these projects you MUST be:

  •  Dependable
  • -On-time with deadlines

In response to COVID-19, we will be discussing

  1. The CARE Act and what it means to the Beauty Industry
  • Who qualifies 
  • What are your options
  1. Accept clients on an appointment basis only!
  • Spacing your appointments out to reduce the number of people within the shop at a time. If you have more than one person in the shop then make sure there is good space between stations and that everyone working in the shop or space is following the same protocols. 
  • It’s IMPORTANT for you to implement a culture of safety in your business and for your brand. 
  • Learn how to use your phone calendar or a hand calendar to write appointments down 
  • Try a gig worker style of business for your premium customers where you travel to their home to do styles and cuts.
  1. BE SAFE with this and take all necessary precautions.  
  • Use NEW comfortable PPE’s when styling hair 
  • WASHING your Hands not just SHAMPOOING!
  •  Disinfect and power clean your shop
  • You and your clients should wear masks
  • Keep hand sanitizer or some cleanser around at all times when servicing your client
  • Communicate your new safety plans to your customers to help them feel safe and to keep them as customers.

Thank you!

Contact us for more information.

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