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Happy BIRTHDAY to ErickA CHANCELLOR of Beyond the Chairs and Congrats to Shamaria Rodgers of Red’s Salon

On today’s episode our host Ericka Styles sits down with the one and only “RED” Shamaria !

She’s a young black thriving entrepreneur from Inglewood, CA!

They sit and discuss how she has used the ecoHair #Covid-19 as a time to blast her business to the next level and open up her first Natural Hair Care Brick & Mortar down in the heart of LA.

Be sure to take a listen to this episode and have your pen and paper ready to take notes and the location of Red’s Salon because they are giving you all the best tips and styles to ask for to skyrocket your business and natural hair during the seemingly disastrous times! Pay close attention to the social media handles and shout outs.

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