Rep. Antonio Perkinson #Backpedals on #occupationalLicensing by halting #deregulation of a #BillionDollarIndustry

Rep. Antonio Perkinson #Backpedals on #occupationalLicensing by halting #deregulation of a #BillionDollarIndustry

“When I say natural hair, I’m talking about coily curly type of hair,” said Yvette Granger, owner of Natural Divinity Salon. Granger wants to see a halt on deregulation, like the state law allowing just 16 hours of hygiene training to receive a braiding certificate.

She also wants more business resources after seeing the issues business owners faced when applying for PPP loans.

“We have a lot of natural hair leaders, strong people in the industry,” said Antonio Parkinson, State Representative. “This is a billion-dollar industry, and I just don’t want us to be asleep at the wheel, while other people capitalize on this industry.”

“It’s great to have people in business for over a decade, who have been successful. And we should do everything we can, as a state to help small businesses like this be successful,” said Cameron Sexton, Speaker of the House.

The legislators sat down with Granger to discuss what’s next for the natural hair care world in Tennessee.

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